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Contents and Personal Property Restoration To Clean Your Home Goods Following A Fire

Cleaning items after a Fire

Sometimes when you experience a fire in your home, it can be extinguished quickly enough that the home is not totally damaged. Even a small fire can cause water and smoke damage. Your insurance may not pay enough to replace all of your items, or there may be items that are not replaceable for sentimental reasons so there are ways to clean these items.

When determining the best way to clean items, it is necessary to consider what kind of item and material you are dealing with. The first step is to remove as much of the soot as you can with a powerful vacuum. When removing soot, you do not want to use an upright vacuum or attachment that uses beater bars or brushes, since this will force soot into the items making it more difficult to clean them. Instead use a vacuum with a nozzle and hold it slightly above the item and let the vacuum lift soot from the surface. Once you clean the carpeting, cover them so they do not get stained again while you are cleaning other parts of the house.

Once you have cleaned the entire home, you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaner to make sure you get all of the residue out of them. You can also rent a carpet cleaner and do it yourself.

Smoke odors can linger in clothing and other fabrics for a long time. You may need to wash items up to five times to get the smell completely out of fabric items. There are products available to add to your wash to get rid of the smoke odors. If the items are white and can be bleached, bleach can help get rid of the odors. If you have children or family members with allergies and breathing problems it may be necessary to replace many of the fabric items.

If you have light smoke damage, most walls and other areas should be able to be cleaned by wiping down with a damp cloth. If you have more extreme damage, you may need to repaint most of the surfaces.

Some items such as drapes will need to be dry cleaned instead of in the washing machine. There should be cleaning instructions on most items with recommended cleaning procedures. Some can be washed and either air dried or dried on a low setting.

All dishes and other kitchen items need to be well washed after a fire and it is advised to throw away any food items that were exposed to smoke. Canned food items should be alright, but check items that are in containers that were not tightly sealed.

Have electrical appliances checked out before using them and do not use ceiling lighting fixtures if the ceiling is still wet.

A home fire can be a devastating event but there are steps to take to clean and repair items that cannot be replaced.

For further assistance in the greater Metro Detroit, Michigan area, you can contact the disaster recovery team from Jarvis Property Restoration, who service Macomb, Oakland, Wayne and St Clair County areas.

Make Sure Your Rewards Credit Cards Dont Have An Expiration Date

More credit cards than ever are now offering rewards, incentives and perks for using their cards. These can range from free flights, to free gas to free gift cards for stores. While these cards may seem like a good idea, they often come with many rules and stipulations. One of the biggest rules among these cards is the reward points must be used by a certain time or else they expire and you lose your rewards. Avoid cards like these to save yourself money, reduce your debt, avoid disappointment and use a card that has an excellent rewards program.

When you have a card that has rewards points to earn for spending money, you are likely to spend more money in order to get to the goal of the rewards points whether it be new clothes or a free trip. A card that has expiring rewards points is even more likely to cause you to spend more money. If you know your points will soon expire, you may spend more money in a short period of time just to reach the points goal that is usually not even as valuable as the money you spent to get there.

If you are using your card consistently to get rewards points before they expire, you risk destroying your credit and skyrocketing your debt. While these cards have spending limits to protect you, it is important to remember that you have a budget and should not go over that just to keep your points from expiring. Going on a free vacation or taking a free flight is definitely not worth ruining a life time worth of credit building.

For most people, knowing there is a prize or reward for doing something is very exciting and can create a lot of hope. Correctly using a rewards credit card is like the special prize for doing so many things. A card that has expiring points can be very disappointing for you because you have worked hard and spent money to get the reward only to find out the points for the reward have expired because you haven’t spent enough money fast enough for the company.

Choosing not to use a card with expiring rewards can open up different possibilities for credit cards. There are many to choose from that do not have expiring points and can help their customers achieve goals and earn free things just for using the card. These are the best cards to choose from because the rewards points do not expire if you don’t get enough within a certain amount of time. It is important to do thorough research and read the fine print when you are deciding on a rewards credit card to ensure you are getting one that does not have expiring points.

All of the preceding are reasons to avoid using a credit card that’s rewards expire but there are many other reasons for finding a good, rewarding credit card. When looking for the right credit card make sure they offer everything you need, good interest rates and rewards points that don’t expire.

The editorial team from Best Credit Cards helped to contribute to this story, for information regarding comparing and reviewing credit cards online, visit their website, http://best-credit-cards.org for further card reviews and finance articles.

Tropical storm andrea brings some unexpected weather into florida this week

Floridians were dealing with heavy downpourings of rain early Thursday as the first tropical storm of the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season took aim on the state’s west coastline. A tropical storm warning was put in effect for a large portion of the US east coast early Thursday.

The storm which is being called Andrea has maximum sustained winds of around 60 miles per hour as it is bearing down on the Big Bend area of Florida where it is first expected to make landfall sometime in the afternoon on Thursday. The better part of the state of Florida is being forecast to get a few inches of rain from the tropical system which could very well cause some moderate to major flooding situations.

Already events have been postponed and canceled in Florida as heavy winds and drenching rains are not conducive for graduation ceremonies, festivals and other outdoor activities and events which were scheduled for this first week of June. The National Weather Service said early Thursday that heavy rainfall and flooding is the main threat to Florida and Georgia but that people should also be aware that tornadoes can also form.

The storm surge is the biggest worry on most people’s minds in Florida as a surge of up to four feet could occur near and to the south of where the center of Andrea comes ashore. Of course, with anywhere from three to six inches of rain expected in the Sunshine State, flash flooding is also a big concern. Already, the NWS out of Tampa confirmed that two twisters touched down Thursday morning – one in Sun City Center and the other in Myakka City. There were no injuries reported as of Thursday lunchtime.

Andrea is expected to hug the coastline as it churns along the eastern seaboard. It is threatening to dump several inches of rain from Florida all the way up to New York state. People living along the coastline should be preparing for possible flooding, wind damage and even a tornado or two. Andrea is not expected to strengthen to become hurricane status but this first storm of the 2013 hurricane season is going to leave its mark by dumping lots of rain and causing some significant flooding.

Contributions to this article were provided by the team from floodcleanup.co and the restorationpros.co companies that provide disaster recovery following tornadoes, fire and flood damage disasters.

Sinkholes in Florida More Common than You May Think

With intense media focus last week on a Tampa, Florida sinkhole that collapsed portion of a home and killed one of the occupants, many people mistakenly think that what took place just a “freak” occurrence and something that just doesn’t happen all that much.

The fact is that sinkholes are very common in Florida. Why is this? Because about half of the state of Florida features a karst landscape. What this means is that the landscape is formed by underground erosion of bedrock or more specifically limestone. As rainwater slowly and gradually seeks into the cracks and crevices of the limestone, the rock is dissolved until eventually it gives way, forming a sinkhole that literally can swallow anything in its way and funnel it underground.

Thousands of sinkholes form every year in Florida and there is really no place in the state that is immune to sinkholes. Geologists have been testing several methods that can be used to detect cavities in the ground that can lead to sinkholes. This testing makes use of many technologies including radar and seismography which looks for underground abnormalities which may indicate that a sinkhole may occur.

You don’t have to be a geologist to recognize some signs that a sinkhole is about to open up. A few things which could indicate trouble include slumping trees or warped fences, the sudden appearance of small ponds where water has never collected before and structural cracks in walls. However, even with these hints, there is no way to know for sure if a sinkhole is going to open up. And that is what is making many Floridians feel very nervous.

One thing that can be done is to take out sinkhole insurance coverage on your Florida home or business. Of course, the additional coverage will make your premiums rise but if a sinkhole does happen to occur on your insured property, you’ll be very glad you spent the money because cleaning up after a sinkhole can be extremely expensive and could even require complete demolition. So it’s better to be safe than sorry just like it is when you buy flood insurance for your home. If you live in Florida or are thinking of moving to the Sunshine State, have your property tested for sinkholes and if recommended by an expert, take out sinkhole insurance to protect your property and assets.

Contributions to this article were provided by Jarvis Emergency Services, a leading Florida repair contractor that has locations along the Treasure Coast, covering West Palm Beach, Vero Beach and Melbourne Florida. Property owners who are concerned about their properties structural integrity should contact a licensed structural engineer.

What Is the Relationship with Tribal Lenders Offering Short Term Loans Online?

As the federal officials continue to investigate claims that there may be predatory online payday loan operators who are abusing their privileges and the law by claiming immunity from consumer protection legislation, it is certain that something is wrong on native American tribal lending practices. There are non-native Americans who are using the rights of native American tribes or sovereign immunity to cover themselves from consumer protection laws.

These predators are operating online payday loan services by pretending that they are owned or appear to be owned by Native American tribes. These days, it is easy to find loans that are carrying an equivalent of APRs of more than 750% on the internet. These loans are available to the Native American tribes that live in reservations and other people who live in US. These deceivers have largely remained out of reach by the state and federal investigators and this means that something needs to be done to protect the consumer.

The relationship between the federal government and the so-called Native American tribes seems to be brewing and antagonizing. Considering that, the vice chairman of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma said that the comments given by Consumer Protection Financial Bureau- CFPB Director, Richard Cordray to a group of state attorneys general in March 2012 was a declaration of war to Native American tribe; it means that all is not well. There is tension that is inherent in this issue and it needs to be resolved.

Charles Moncooyea, who is the vice chairperson of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe of Oklahoma, said that native tribes in America benefit greatly from the economic gains put forward by such businesses as the payday loans as that money is channeled in meeting medical care and education. Moncooyea further reiterated that Native American tribes would not be cowed by such attacks and malicious claims.

Payday loans are designed for a group of people who are extremely disadvantaged in obtaining loan facilities from lenders because of their bad credit score or in times of emergencies when one needs cash urgently. The loans are typically not more than $1000 and the APRs are lofty. Approval of the loans comes easily and at times, it may be instant. Online operators transfer money to the checking account of borrower within 24 hrs. The debts are secured by the paychecks of the borrower.

According to Cordray, Americans are borrowing billions of dollars through payday loans and this field is growing strongly. The investigations that is going on about these payday loans perhaps shows that some sanity needs to be restored in the entire area of payday lending activities. There is a problem in the issue of payday loans purported to be operated by Native American tribes or firms from the native tribe lands of American.

In essence, the relationship between Native American tribes and the federal is creating a roar and perhaps it is time the payday lending practices were given a comprehensive reviews to determine how they benefit the Native American tribes and whether consumers should continue suffering at the expense of the economic gains that are realized from these lending practices. The big question is; should the Federal believe the words of the Native American tribal leaders which say that the payday lending practice has no loopholes?

Discover Options For Saving When You Need A Holiday Advance Loan

Shopping for the holidays does not have to break the budget. There are many ways you can discover options for saving when you need a holiday advance loan. Whether you need money buy gifts for friends and family, money for travel to see loved ones over the holiday, or even for the lost income while on holiday leave, check out ways to save and still get the money you need.

Payday Loans
Borrowing money against future income is one way to access the money you need over the holiday. A payday loan is used to take care of short term money problems and will need to be paid back in a few weeks or a few months. One way to save money on this type of holiday advance is to only borrow what you need. Calculate how much money you plan to spend on family and friends or travel and receive an advance for that amount. The less you borrow the less interest you will have to pay back.

Quick Holiday Advance LoansNo matter what type of credit you have, you should qualify for a holiday loan. As long as you have a job or receive a steady income, borrowing money should be fairly quick and easy. Once you find the best holiday advance loan, you will need to complete the application and look over the terms and conditions. Working with lenders online is simple and you will quickly get a decision about the money you need. Compare several lenders to make sure you find a loan that will fit your specific needs.

Secured Loans for the Holiday
If you have good credit, you may be able to save money with a secured loan. Many lenders will provide money when you offer something as collateral such as a car or other valuable item. If, for some reason you cannot pay back the loan, you will forfeit the item used as collateral. This is an easy way to get the money you need for all of your holiday needs. You can pay this type of loan back in monthly installments which are more manageable on a tight budget. Enjoy the holidays this year with a holiday advance loan that will allow you to make your family’s dreams come true.

Don’t let holiday shopping get you down. Searching online for a perfect holiday advance loan will help you maintain a positive attitude throughout the season. Remember, you are not the only one struggling to pay bills this time of year. Most Americans do not have the money they need to create a special holiday. Working with a lender who specializes in holiday loans will help make the season bright and merry.

Residents of Northeast Still Working Hard to Cleanup From Sandy

Volunteer residents of New York city took to the streets this past weekend to help clean up damages done by superstorm Sandy. Many volunteers also took advantage of the city’s Veteran’s Day parade to collect donations for those suffering without shelter or power. Thousands of winter coats were collected during the parade. Volunteers then went door to door using their mobile phones as flashlights, ringing bells to see if the coats were needed or if those shut in were in need of food or water. Thus far, the death toll in the city is at forty-three after an elderly person was found late last week at the bottom of a stairway of his apartment building in Queens, paralyzed from head injuries. He passed away Saturday.

The Rockaways peninsula in Queens took one of the biggest hits from Sandy, which is now being called one of the Northeast’s worst natural disasters on the books. Entire houses were toppled there, hundreds of trees were torn from the ground and hundreds of thousands of residents were left in the dark. There are still thousands of Rockaways residents taking shelter elsewhere as their homes are uninhabitable due to flooding, damage and no power.

Thousands of recovery workers ranging from National Guardsmen to National Park Service workers have pitched in to help clean up the widespread mess. Many cranes have been put into place in Queens, working to remove large mounds of sand that washed ashore by the storm. However, many of these types of efforts are being hampered due to the water table still being higher than normal. When some of the water is being cleaned out, it simply comes back the following day.

There are still thousands of people across the metro NYC area without power as it is taking work crews a long time to fix all of the ruined transformers and downed lines and power poles. And once those things are finally fixed, they cannot be turned on until they are tested which also takes time. This slow moving electrical is leading to a lot of anger and frustration. Many people without power feel that they have no choice other than staying in their homes to protect against looting which is a problem all across storm ravaged New York.

Savvy Investment Advisers Agree PayDay Loans Carry Excessive Fees

The popular short term solution to lack of cash- PayDay loans- has been criticized by financial advisors too. Quintessentially the high fees seem disproportionate with fair lending norms. There have been many statements in the media in which financial advisors warn PayDay loan seekers to take up this solution for their financial problems. PayDay loans have been referred to as those solutions which will put you in a vicious circle that ends up leaving you with virtually nothing.

What is more evident is that not only financial advisors but many consumer interest groups are announcing such statements to awake the unaware consumers who easily march towards PayDay loans without understanding the ramifications. Several legal actions have been instigated or existing regulations being shored up to check the burgeoning unruly practices by PayDay lenders.

The concept of PayDay loans

It has been generally observed that those who take PayDay loans do so when they face unexpected delay in their salary which would otherwise have been just enough to satisfy their monthly obligations. Further, such seekers need quick cash and to them, no other option seems easier than PayDay loans. Lenders make available PayDay loans simply over the internet within the same day. This convenience of loan process and ease of finding a lender mainly account for consumers impulsively choosing PayDay loans.

The lender generally requires the consumer to be a salaried person whose salary is regularly credited directly to his account so that repayment amount can be directly debited and the residual salary then credited to the account. The lenders can lend amounts ranging up to $1000. Lending is generally done for a time period of maximum 35 days, failure to repay within this time span leads to addition of loan fees again every month till repayment.
Another fact is that rate of interest which on an average can be 10%. This 10% seems less for the lending period averaging a month but seen aggregated for the whole year, the rate transforms to a mighty ‘over 350%’. Further these lenders do not enquire about refinancing or multiple financings undertaken by a borrower.
The traps

Financial advisors further cite the views of common people- how PayDay loans affected their lives. Financial advisors agree PayDay loans must be the last option and must be avoided as far as possible. The reason being that a borrower ends up paying nearly double of what he borrowed as a small amount. This repayment often falls as a tragedy to the next month’s budget which makes it impossible to pay on time leading to consumers resorting to refinancing.

Alternatively the borrower tries hard and pays a small amount simultaneously empowering the lender to attach the loan fees over and over again. So there seems no limit to repayment amount at all. Its sheer profit for PayDay loan lenders and extremely unjust for PayDay loan takers.

Some cities have now a major share of its population lost in the dark story of PayDay loans. Resultantly administrations and many interest groups have sprung into action to curb this havoc. Financial advisors and consultants have joined the rescue team and time and again issue such statements and reports emphasizing that PayDay loans carry excessive fees.

Attractive options for consumers in need of short term lending include visiting a credit union, applying for an unsecured loan, trying out for a peer to peer loan program, borrowing money from friends and family 🙂 !

Learn Why Balance Transfer Offers Are A Win For Consumers and Banks

Balance Transfer Cards: A Win-Win Solution for Both Parties

Many people are either buried in credit card debt or have debts with so many credit cards that everything becomes a little too confusing and overwhelming. This is why balance transfer credit cards with lower interest rates are quite attractive for most consumers. By consolidating your debt into one credit card with a lower interest rate, you get to plan for your payments better and you get to manage your debt more efficiently. Some banks like JPMorgan Chase go as far as offering a free balance transfer card, although this practice has been labeled as questionable by some. The questionability stems from the fact that people simply can’t figure out how this can benefit Chase in the long run. Offering a free balance transfer card doesn’t make that much sense, so people are always on the lookout and asking the question of what’s in it for Chase.

Balance Transfer Cards from the Perspective of Chase

Free balance transfer cards mean that banks offer introductory rates wherein they don’t charge the consumer. Take the case of Chase for instance. There will be no balance transfer fees for 15 months, and since the CARD Act prohibited banks from charging default rates, people are questioning how this can be beneficial for Chase. It’s easy to doubt or question financial institutions and the motives behind the deals that they offer, but we have to remember that all marketing tactics and deals are well thought of. No company in its right mind will offer deals that will bring about financial ruin, so there must be a reason why Chase is offering balance transfer cards.


One way to look at it is that this can be Chase’s way of attracting new consumers. Admittedly, the prospect of a free balance transfer card can be difficult to resist. This is actually very advantageous for consumers because they not only get to pay off their debt in a more systematic way, but they get to do so with no additional charges. This advantage is something that’s made available to new consumers because of the availability of these free balance transfer cards, and whether or not this is simply a tactic of Chase to attract new customers is not the issue.

Long Term Implications

Another motive that Chase might be looking into is the long-term effect of attracting new consumers. If Chase is able to attract new consumers into the family, it can easily offer other products to these consumers and eventually earn profits from that. This means that Chase is not only looking at the short term but also at the long term. After all, capturing new consumers is about building relationships with them. Aside from that, having a lot of new consumers will give the impression of credit card growth and profitability, and this is important for Chase as well. But if free balance transfer cards provide a win-win solution that will benefit both the consumer and Chase, then there really shouldn’t be an issue.

Assistance With Water Restoration Around Troy Michigan

Every house no matter where it may be located is susceptible to water damage. Even if your house is free from being in a flood area, you could eventually be at risk for water damage due to moisture build up or leaks. To be able to bring your house back to its previous condition after an attack of water damage, you will need a professional to perform a water damage restoration job.

One area that often has problems with different types of water damage is Troy Michigan. Cold weather climates and frequent summer rain storm, keep Michigan property owners with basements on alert 24/7 for flooding issues.When tour house has been damaged by water you’ll have to take immediate action to remedy the situation. Not only for the external and obvious damages but because another serious threat like moisture and dampness may not be visible at first glance.

Especially when it involves flooding, you’ll need to know what parts of your house have been affected and what the next step you should take is. Although, if they are minor leaks they might not visible to a first glance, the water may have snuck into small gaps on the walls and floors and may even become settled there for some time. Even more so for a huge and visible flood but these little ones will put you more at risk because you won’t be aware of their presence for quite some time.

There are many advantages of enlisting the help water damage restoration company. Firstly, these professionals have experience, knowledge and expertise in restoring your property to its previous condition. They will also ensure that the work will be done in a professional and expert way so there will be no cause for any future worries. They will completely remove all of the moisture from the property and restore to the condition it was before.
Water damage if not treated can become very dangerous if it is allowed to persist in your home. Untreated water damage can harm the electrical equipment and furniture as well as leading to viruses and molds. You could even develop a black mold in your house which can seriously affect the condition of your home and the health of you and your family as well.

By not using expert technology and knowledge it will be very difficult to remove water and dry out the affected areas. You might want to try and complete the restoration on your own; you may have a construction background or even believe that you have enough knowledge to get the job done yourself.

However, when most people try to tackle this job on their own they don’t have the correct equipment to complete the water damage restoration job successfully. Whereas, if you hire a professional restoration company you will not have this issue. They are not only licensed and bonded, but they have all of the correct equipment and the latest and greatest technology to restore your home to the glory it once was.

No one wants to see their precious home become a victim of water damage, and sometimes we just can’t prevent the fury of Mother Nature. The best way to handle these issues is to select a real expert in the field of water damage restoration. If you are a Michigan, resident in and or around the Troy area, and need assistance with water damage repair or restoration, you can contact Jarvis a local disaster recovery contractor that services Troy Michigan For Fire and Flooding disasters. It is important when you are searching for a repair and restoration contractor, to find a licensed and insured carrier.